Principal Lab
Test ordering portal for blood work that offers an electronic-based system to improve lab test ordering and reporting.

Resource for Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) and male and female salivary hormone panels.

Direct Labs
Test ordering portal for blood work, Apex panels as well as Metametrix tests.

Entero Lab
Resource for Gluten/Celiac DNA testing.

Metabolic Solutions
Resource for ordering breath tests, including the urea breath test for H.pylori.

Genova Diagnostics
Resource for gastrointestinal effects panels through stool testing.

Cyrex Labs
Resource for gluten testing and autoimmune antibody panels. 

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory
Resource for the GI-Map comprehensive pathogens assay


FREE Clinical 
Technical Support 
for Apex Energetics customers
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In an effort to provide practitioners with outstanding support, Apex Energetics offers our customers FREE advice from experts in the field of Functional Medicine to assist you in interpreting your patients' lab results.
Meet Dr. Datis Kharrazian
Dr. Datis  Kharrazian has instructed more than 4,000 hours of postgraduate education in laboratory analysis, diagnosis, and nutritional management. He currently teaches more than 50 seminars per year to doctors nationally and internationally. He has published numerous professional papers, several clinical manuals, and more than 30 educational CDs on various topics.
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?
When My Lab Tests Are Normal
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Bestselling Books by Dr. Kharrazian
• Why thyroid hormones are often 
  ineffective in treating hypothyroidism  
  and Hashimoto's

• How the real culprit in most cases of 
  hypothyroidism is an autoimmune 
  thyroid disease and how to address it

• Why your thyroid problem won’t 
   show up on your lab tests

• Why you continue to feel worse 
  despite treatment

​• Why the thyroid gland is often the 
  wrong target

• The link between diet and 
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• Losing your memory?

• Can’t focus or concentrate?

• Got brain fog?

• Fatigue easily?

• Lost your zest for life?

• Not been the same since a head injury?
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​Why Isn’t My Brain Working? will show you how you can take charge of your brain health. Read about one of the most misunderstood and damaging factors for many people’s brains. This is information most doctors don’t know but that could be profoundly impacting your brain health.
Why Isn't My
Brain Working? 
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