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 (1) Patient Workbook
 (1) Introduction to Detox 360°™ DVD
​ (1) Water is Life DVD
 (1) Integrative Detox System Carryall Bag
 (2) OmegaCo3™ (K07)
 (1) Metacrin-DX™ (K10)
 (2) ClearVite-SF™ (K24)
 (1) Nourish Greens™ (K67)
 (1) LVR-DRN™ (D03)
 (1) KDNY-DRN™ (D05)
 (1) LMPH-DRN™ (D07)
Each Detox 360°™ Patient Starter Kit includes all of the supplements and educational materials they will need to complete the four week cleanse: 
Your Detox 360°™Professional's Package contains all of the materials you will need to administer and market the program to individuals and/or groups: 
(1) Full Professionals' Workbook
(2) Patient Marketing Posters
(50) Patient Marketing Brochures
(1) Professional CD containing:
(2) Patient Education PowerPoints
(2) Patient Education PowerPoint Scripts
-Fillable Fax Form Template
-Fillable E-mail Blast Template
-Fillable Sign Up Sheet Template
-How to Market Detox 360 Article
-Eat Smart Through the Holidays Article
Integrative detoxification brings the best of the detoxification methods together to promote the excretion of deep-seated toxins and to significantly lower the inflammatory load of the body. Through homeopathic cleansing (scientifically designed detoxification formulas to support the excretion processes), detoxification lifestyle practices and a specialized whole foods diet, you can help your patients move to new levels of health. With our Detox 360°™ program, all of these components are put together in a turn key four-week detoxification and educational program that you can effectively run in groups, and that you can also customize to use as part of a nutrition program to resolve the most stubborn of health issues.

- We provide you with week-by week instructions to run the program
- With the purchase of your practitioner's package, you'll receive FREE technical support from experienced Detox 360°™ facilitators
- The program is customizable for specific health issues
- We offer you the tools and materials to market and promote the program
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Linda Clark, M.A., C.N.C., creator of Detox 360
Linda holds a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University and a Nutrition Consultant certification from Bauman College. She is an adjunct instructor at John F. Kennedy University and teaches graduate courses in holistic nutrition, functional endocrinology, and medical testing for the Holistic Health Master's Degree program. She has conducted "Nutrition in Clinical Management" seminars throughout the Western United States. 

She owns Universal Wellness Associates, a holistic nutrition and wellness practice located in Northern California. Her nutrition practice covers a wide range of health issues. She also specializes in dietary and nutritional management, with an emphasis on mood regulation and chronic food sensitivity issues as they relate to chronic health conditions. Her desire is that her clients realize their health goals as they create a life devoted to healthy eating and proactive self care. 
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Includes the following:

1 Success Package for Groups Professionals' Guide (all material from CD printed in guide)
1 Success Package for Groups Professionals' CD, which contains:
- Week-by-Week PowerPoint With Script
- 10 Things You Need to Know to Be Successful With Implementing Detox 360°™
- Introductory Activities for Detox 360°™
- Learning Activities for Detox 360°™
- Gluten-Free Resources

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