For over 20 years, Apex Energetics has been supporting health care practitioners with cutting-edge nutritional and homeopathic products as well as unparalleled education services. Our long-standing commitments have been to provide you with research-based education, innovative clinical tools, and the highest quality formulations available. 

Our goal as your Northern California Apex team is to support you in growing your practice through marketing support and providing you with most effective scientifically based clinical programs to help you best manage your chronic and acute clients.  
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Our innovative, science-based formulations are developed by leading experts with the collaboration of our scientific advisory board. This is to ensure a standard of excellence that guarantees the highest nutrient and energetic quality for maximum effectiveness. Our homeopathic line of formulas are prepared with Dr. Hahnemann's original hand-succussed manufacturing methods.

All products are only available to licensed practitioners.


Apex Energetics is committed to continuing education for our practitioners and is a leading sponsor of science-based continuing education. We sponsor over 250 educational seminars nationally, including local weekend seminars, lunch and evening seminars and industry conferences. The majority of our weekend seminars are approved for continuing education credits. Topics include Functional Endocrinology, Immunology, Neurology, and Functional Blood Chemistry, supported by our state-of-the-art blood analysis software.

Again, welcome to Apex Energetics Northern California! We look forward to serving your practice with excellence!
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